24 June 2008

Help Coming Soon!!

Good News! In a few weeks my daughter, Samantha, will be my Shop 66 partner! Not only am I in dire need of help, I also want to double the inventory in Shop 66 and Shop 66 Jewelry and start working on more handmade items. This has been my secret plan for months -- now it's going to happen.

Now for some sharing - the photos in this post are items I just won on Yahoo Japan (my favorite hobby) a "lot" of cloth dolls and some cute vintage origami paper. I snatched these from the auction URL since I didn't take any new photos today -- it's so unlike me to go a day without using my camera. Very weird.

I also created a new product for Shop 66 this evening - special 1" circle stickers with my favorite vintage girl images. Look for packages of this stickers in Shop 66 this weekend.

Tomorrow night I will finally start uploading some new items! :D

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CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

That's great that you'll have a hand! I've been wanting to but wasn't sure if I should ask. :)