25 June 2008

Model Dollies!

See what wonderful inspiration pose dollies are! They also make beautiful models! Talented Missy from Boopsie Daisy Dolls shot these wonderful new photos after receiving here new dollies from Shop 66! Visit her shop to purchase prints of these photos: Boopsie Daisy Dolls. :)


Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Delightful!!! The world just wouldn't be the same without you and Missy!!!

Also, it is so awesome to hear your daughter is joining Shop 66!!!

boopsiedaisy said...

Aaahhh! Out of my mind with glee here! Thank you for all you do to support your friends & fellow artists, Gretchen. We are all extremely lucky to get to be in your life, even if it's just in a virtual way.

Appreciate this little shout out sooo much! I'll be making special mention of you in my own blog very soon. You always find a way to make my day! xo!

PS. to Jana - You freakin' lovebutt!!! ♥