08 June 2008

Keeping it short this week...

Hello my Shop 66 friends! My blogging will be short all week - I have lots going on...

My brother in-law, Ron, passed away this morning. The loss has still not hit me. I'm feeling a little speechless and shocked right now. I'm now not feeling so good and I have to be in Denver at the end of the week for my Mom's wedding. So, I'm just a tad bit overwhelmed with life right now.

Shop 66 will hum slowly along until I leave Thursday -- I have lots and lots of things to ship. I'm hoping to add a few things to the shop before I leave, but I'm not promising anything.

In the meantime, here's some more cool things that arrived at my studio yesterday:

Cute Mini Vintage Origami Paper

Cute Girl Vintage Hair Clips and Stickers. Kitschy Cool Vintage Necklaces.
Cool Vintage Eraser Creatures (they link together!)


Folksie Linda said...

Hi Gretchen so sorry to hear about your loss, please indeed take care of yourself this week, don't worry about the shop..get some rest and take care of yourself! If you are like me, i get so emotionally drained.. i can't function..so please remember yourself and take it slow! Please accept my condolences..if you can . you can e-mail me at bookwrm999@aol.com with your addy so i can send a card to you. Hugs, Linda

andrea said...

hi gretchen, i am sorry to hear about your brother in law. my feelings are with your and your family. accept a big *hug*
from far way !

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Oh, the choices!