07 June 2008

One Hot House!

My home's central air conditioning stopped working Thursday afternoon so by the time the repairman came to fix it this morning the house was at a very hot 90 degrees! We hardly slept last night - even with a personal fans blowing directly on us. Needless to say, I have terrible fatigue from lack of proper sleep and I'm drained from horrible humidity. So once it was fixed I slept -- most of today!

Anyway, early afternoon I received some things for myself and Shop 66 from Japan -- it was the hightlight of my day. I'm yet to go through it all but here's a little show and tell:

Little Handmade Vintage Fawn Cute Pose Doll - looks like she's dancing!
Souvenir Cone Head Hat Dolls
Cute Vintage Mascot Dolly
Vintage Red Felt Mouse

1 comment:

Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Love your dancing dollie!! Awesome find!!

Hope you get your air back soon!!!