02 June 2008

My Susie Sad Eyes Dollies

I have lots of collections that I need to show and tell. One is my Susie Sad Eyes dollies. I have a couple dozen Susies and so when I find a new one sometimes one might end up in Shop 66. That was the case with the one I listed yesterday. She's already been adopted but it reminded me to take a few photos of my Susies. You can see from the photo above that I have quite a diverse Susie group - there were many different variations of this 8" tall cutie!. Some were considered companion dolls - the dollies with raincoats are Susie Slickers and the black dollies are Soul Sisters. Now can see why I collect them!

A few new items were added to Shop 66 this evening and more will be added throughout the week. They'll be a few surprises popping up from now on so keep checking the Shop often. Fun, fun for me and you! :D

1 comment:

Dees said...

Hi!!!I just bought my first Susie Sad eyes on ebay last night,and I am sooo happy about it!Is there any way to subscribe to a list to know when you add new items to your shop???I wouldn't want to miss out on a cute Susie in the future.Your collections is amazing!
Kind regards Dees