07 June 2008

Now Officially 1,000!

A big thank you to dear Boopsie Daisy for making my dreams come true and being the 1,000th sale!!! This little Kewpie angel is on it's way with many surprises!


boopsiedaisy said...

Goodness, Gretchen! Everything about you & the way you run your shop is so wonderful! Thank you something fierce! :)

So excited you've reached 1,000 sales I could do backflips! What a feat! Honestlky, just so tickled pink for you at this moment! You did it, Gretchen! Shop66 is on the most incredible roll! I bet it takes you only HALF as long to get to 2,000!

I can't remember who it was that introduced me to shop66, but I just want to KISS them! xox!

boopsiedaisy said...

P.S. I know it's strange, but this fantastic graphic is now my new desktop! Ha ha! I am so giddy! :)

gmoss said...

I just did the same - good idea!! :D oxoxoxo