17 June 2008

The Rest of My Trip and Stuff

I need to get caught up on my blogging. I'm feeling so behind with life! I blog every day now and I couldn't for a couple and now I'm so distressed!! Shop 66 feels so neglected. Anyway, here's a little on my next two days of my Denver trip.

Day Two: The Wedding Day!

We slept in a little to get needed rest to feel good on this important day. My dress not only worked out - it felt right - and it felt good! I was so happy. But even happier was my Mom - she was (is) the happiest I've ever seen her in my whole entire life!!! What can I say - it was the most perfect day and wedding. Nothing could have made it any better.

My daughter was the photographer so I did not take any photos to share. I can't wait to see and share them.

The Newlyweds!

My Brother, Scott.

Day Three: More Denver Places

I lived in Denver for seven years so it was hard to decide where to go - but I knew I wanted to visit Golden and take my brother to Coors (and it's free to visit and you get free beer). We also went to Lookout Mountain (above Golden in the mountains) to catch view of the plains and to see Buffalo Bills grave and museum. And that was just about it... short trip... not a lot of site seeing. Three days was just too short a trip! I'll have to go back to see and do more soon!

Downtown Golden Hops at Coors
Free Samples!
View at Lookout Mountain

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