18 June 2008

One thing after another...

I got back home from vacation with extra painful mouth pain. I went to the doctor yesterday thinking I had cracked a tooth but I was mistaken - I have a throat and jaw infection - likely related to inflammation complications I have with arthritis. My lymph nodes are so swollen it looks like someone punched me in the jaw - it's black and blue. Fortunately, I started antibiotics and have pain pills so I'm already feeling better.

Shop 66 is on my mind and as soon as I can function it will be back to normal! Doll night will have to be canceled this week. (I'll have to make next week's extra special.) If you are waiting on a package from me and it is not checked "shipped" it is still here. I will be adding special deluxe goodie bags to all orders not shipped. Many will be upgraded to priority shipping. Fortunately, my shop was super slow during my vacation so new orders will not interfere with shipping any older orders.

Check back later tonight or tomorrow on my progress. :D

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Folksie Linda said...

Hope you feel better Gretchen..take care of yourself!