29 June 2008

Shop 66 Style: Kokeshi Charm!

I adore Kokeshi! And even more - created in plastic and other materials and made into charms for jewelry, keychains and more to wear or display. Here's some of my new found favorites and pieces in my collection:

Kokeshi Earrings by Tarina Tarantino (on my wish list)
Charms by J2aney
Bracelet by Komodokat
Bead Charms (part of my collection; vintage) Bead Dolls (part of my collection; vintage)
Wood Souvenir Doll (part of my collection; vintage)
Keychain dolls (part of my collection; vintage)
Wonderful, wonderful Kokeshi! I can't get enough!

1 comment:

superminx said...

That keychain doll in the foofy dress is amazing. Have you seen my kokeshi collage?