19 June 2008

Shopping while mending...

Hello! I'm on the mend (but still groggy from pain pills). I should be back to Shop 66 business tomorrow. Anyway -- I'm bored -- sick of being sick -- so I did a little online browsing and shopping. Here's some of my purchases:

Papercut Print by Elsita!
I've been wanting to do some papercut art myself too. This is one of Elsita's first few papercuts --- they're perfection -- like she's an old master of papercut -- I'm in awe.

Pocket Size Miniature Jokes and Riddles from Olde Frost Farm
I love vintage mini cards - flash cards, playing cards, etc. I just had to have this little mini jokes and riddles set.

Kitschy Salt and Pepper Shakers from Koyani
I just had to purchase this unique kitschy wood salt and pepper set.

I Heart Pocky by ChrisCreatures
Yes!! I heart Pocky!! Who doesn't?

Kokeshi Spool Doll by Wunderkind
Who could resist this cute little spool dolly? She is super cute!

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Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Hey Gretchen!!
Are you starting to feel any better??? I hope so!! I hope you get to spend sometime outdoors in your new UO sandals :)