21 June 2008

Yay! Saturday Night Show & Tell

Dear Shop 66 friends, your well wishes worked! I'm about 99% well now and ready to start working. I've been very, very overwhelmed for days worrying about Shop 66! It's so nice to feel energetic and well again. Look for new items to be added to Shop 66 as soon as tomorrow afternoon!

Here's a bit of show and tell. Above is a photo of my new Boopsie Daisy Dolly I received yesterday. Below are few photos I borrowed from my Mom's albums on my visit (Sorry Mom, they'll be returned very soon) to Colorado. They are all from 1969 to 1971 in California and many were my Grandmother's photos.

Baby Me, my Mom and my sister, Katie.
Sisters: Jenny, Me and Katie
Me (in the little chair) and Jenny
Moms and Kids (I'm on my mom's lap). The lady next to her was her best friend, Barbara, and the boy in the front is her son. The rest of the kids are my sisters and brother.


Wonder Woman said...

Here I am, just an ordinary woman in my sixties.......but.....I am trying to get hip by having this blog spot.
In my over 60 years I've learned a whole bunch....how to save money and look like a million dollars, how to gain self confidence, dispite a difficult back ground. How to raise 4 kids and one difficult husband, clean house in a flash, direct a musical, write scripts, sing and speak before hundreds, have a beautiful garden, make all sorts of adorable gifts, shop in thrift shops, go down the Amazon in a dug out, explore Katmadu.....and much, much more. Wow! I do feel like Wonder Woman...but I'm just an ordnary woman. How did all that happen. Wait for the next chapter!!!!
Life is wonderful...live it and love it!!!!!!

Wonder Woman said...

Next chapter: I have an amzing, incredible and gifted daughter and she has this amzing shop called Shop 66. That is what makes me Wonder Woman!

gmoss said...

Ms. Wonder Woman...your the my Amazing Shop 66 Mother! Like that you chose your name as "wonder woman" (with all those hairdos you kept up in the 60's and 70's you'd have to be). Hope you liked the photos! :)