25 July 2008

Friday Fun Favorites

Hello! It's time for Friday favorites. Here's just some things I found this week:

So Sweet
by Stoopidgerl

Chenille Teddies
by LindasGoodies

Fat Spider Pincushion
by Lusummers

Swedish Solitaire Game
at Leolucaescobar

That's all my favorites for now. Have a super cool Friday night! oxoxo g.

1 comment:

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Gretchen, That was so so sweet of you to post my teddies.. i appreciate that so much..you are such a dear.. i love how you do that ..get to see others work as well and it is so much fun!
I loved loved loved those books you showed on flickr plus i bought one of your notebooks you designed.. so so cute...it will keep me better organized as I do two websites plus etsy and will be doing lollishops as well plus i just heard from the Danbury Museum and Art show here and i got picked out of 15 vendors to show my victorian work for three weeks there and I don't even have to be present all the time.. they will have a helper at my table to sell my goods.. i am so excited..what an honor! I couldn't believe I got picked so I am on a cloud today.. pain and all... also wanted to tell you I love creamrose on etsy.. her bobbies and her buttons ...i can't get enough of them.. i love those bobbies in my hair. well chatting like crazy, looking forward to your Christmas show tomorrow..have to take Justin to camp.. he is my grandson that i am raising..actually i am raising both of my grandsons..we lost my daughter and her husband too at 25 and 26 years of age.so we immediately took the boys in and they have been with us for eight years now. they are indeed my sons too at least i love them like that. i will be gone for 1 pm so i hope i don't miss much! Hugs, Linda