24 July 2008

News from the Doll Room: No Pose Doll Night but other items to be added!

Hello! I'm not organized and ready for Pose Dollys tonight, however, I'm finishing up some things for the Shop I'll debut in just a little while. Any dolls I'll add tonight will be small dolls and doll related items. Tomorrow I plan to add some shop favorites: wood toys and dolls, ceramic household things like banks and shakers, cute chenille and plush and other items I've not added in a few weeks. The shop is a little over saturated with charms and paper so I going to concentrate on adding other items.

Contact me if you have any questions. PLEASE be aware - my email and shop convos are not getting to me or to you - randomly - something has been wrong for about two weeks with my wireless connection or Comcast internet. So if you do not hear from me - contact me again and let me know you tried. I'm yet to figure out what is wrong. I'm sure it's due to the major storm we had last week and all the power outages we've been experiencing.

(The photos in this blog entry are from a 1955 shop catalog from Japan I found on Yahoo Japan. There's page after page after page of dolls - all for about $1.00!!!! Can you imagine being able to buy a pose dolly for a $1.00!?!)

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