21 July 2008

Overwhelming Monday!

I'm super overwhelmed with life and work today! More than a typical manic Monday. Seems to be one of those times when I've got too much on my plate. Wishing I could just scrape off my plate into the garbage disposal...but instead I've carefully put some plastic wrap over it for another day.

Today's mail just arrived and it's a nice break from all the chaos. I received a very nice thank you note from Elaine! Check out Elaine's new shop: TheDollsHaveEyes.

Dear Linda (Linda'sGoodies) sent me extras with the little doll I bought from her!! OXOXOX Thank you Linda! It made my day. I hope your day went ok - I know you have some stressful things going on today also.

I received a sweet package of cuteness from Nikki (Creamrose) - with extra surprises to celebrate her shop's one year anniversary. Thank you!!

And finally, I received some more little dolls for Shop 66. Look for these dolls to arrive at the end of the week.

SHIPPING!! is my nightmare again. I'm yet to get the organization and process down efficiently. My twenty years of corporate experience has not helped when it comes to this task. Hopefully, I'll have an efficient system soon.

Have a nice Monday! :)

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Lady Kitschly-Curious said...

Hi Gretchen - Elaine here! Can you believe I've only just seen this blog with the pic of the card I sent you? Like you, I've been having an overwhelming time lately (both my mum and my sister in hospital), and I haven't been keeping up with things.

I think it's wonderful and inspirational that you do keep going and create such wonderful things. I LOVE your sites!

Thank you again.