21 July 2008

Cure to Stress: Create

I've been using this recommended cure on myself lately. Art has been my best friend through some of the most difficult events of my life. However, when I'm having just regular life stress - the kind we all have every day - I forget to practice this.

I've finally finished a cute acrylic ring for the shop. I've been working days on trying to get the technique right. The material is harder to work with than glass - not forgiving - so I've made one ring so far (lol). I'll make a total of ten of this edition - please contact me if you want me to reserve one for you.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to reveal two other cute rings. (As seen in progress on Flickr) :)

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Folksie Linda said...

I agree, it is definitely a cure for stress...take my advice..lock yourself in a craft room or a nice cool bedroom with your crafts and stay in there all day... heaven! did i say lock the door..oh yes i did...make sure you have everything you need first though..LOL!!! I am back.. i will catching up tomorrow..i am so so so tired.. heading for bed now. Missed you. Hugs, Linda