14 July 2008

Souvenir Dolls

One of my favorite finds is souvenir dolls (or National Costume dolls). I've loved them since I was little - some of the dolls that I grew up with and cherished were my Mom's Navajo dolls. They were always in our family room which was the room I spent the most time besides my own bedroom, so they provide a particular comfort to me. As an adult, I started collecting them here and there while thrift store and rummage sale shopping and one day I realized I had a souvenir doll collection.

The majority of souvenir dolls are petite, under 12" tall (for easy packing/traveling) and delicate. Most doll costumes have little details - like little tiny brass buttons, embellishments, funky hats, and fun accessories. They also are not gender or age specific - there are boys, girls, babies, moms, dads, grandparents, and complete families. And they were made of celluloid, plastic, vinyl, cloth, wood, felt, etc.

Here's a couple links with more information on souvenir dolls:
National Costume Dolls
The International Doll Museum of Michael Cosgrove

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