15 July 2008

Tested on Tuesday

Today was a challenging day. I've been having increasing pain for a week now and this morning I found myself unable to get out of bed because my chronic inflammation due to arthritis had flared which in turn gave me intense endometriosis pain. Feeling sad and defeated after spending yesterday and this morning with pain and not receiving any call back from my doctor's office, I finally got through (but with tears). As soon as my wonderful doctor found out she immediately had me come in to see her. After two shots and a prescription for pain medication, I'm finally feeling somewhat normal (at 9:00 pm). I'm still a little stressed but not sad because tomorrow's another day and it's amazing what I can get done when I'm feeling good!

As for Shop news, I've got one or two more items I'll add tonight (or first thing tomorrow) one being cute chenille cats! I've held onto these amazing cats for months and it's now time for them to get new homes. Look for them very soon! They are each unique and amazing. I've also started adding some of the many cool Meyercord decals I've been collecting - today I listed a kitschy mushroom pack (sold) and an awesome owl pack (still available). AND earlier I listed the cute "crawling" mini winged kewpies in the photo above. AND the cute clown below (sold).

See you all tomorrow - hopefully, well and back to work! :)


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Gretchen, it's great that you keep on going even when not feeling well.
No one will blame you if you take a brake, though.

boopsiedaisy said...

Gretchen... I read your blog to make me feel better, but it's sad to hear when you are going through a rough patch, health-wise or otherwise. I really wish there was some way to help a friend out over the internet. I feel helpless as I would so love to Fe-Ex myself there & assist you with the shop or just massage your achey parts. Or even just to talk... whatever you need. I've been going through some hard times myself this past couple of weeks, but nonetheless, your blog still continues to put a smile on my face. Just knowing you does. :)

Hope those medications are doing the trick. Thinking of you, Missy

Folksie Linda said...

Hope you feel better Gretchen.. I am thinking of you too! Hugs, Linda