01 August 2008

Bloggiddity Blog Blog and some dollies!

Hours ago my blog was "aborting" if you used Explorer as your internet brower - so I checked the Blog Help Group and it was happening to others also - it didn't take long to find out it was a Sitemeter issue. I removed Sitemeter and it's OK now. Yay! I guess Sitemeter crashed and burned this evening. It was a useful tool for me but not necessary (and free). All gone. :) It's just a daily changing virtual world.

Anyway, I did add a few dolls this evening - the pose dollies are gone but there are many kewpies available. More dolls and other cool stuff will be added to the shop tomorrow including the cool miniature food tins below and the vintage wood clothespins (excellent for making clothespin people!).

Sweet dreams!! oxoxox g.

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CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

So glad I'm using Safari! :)