01 August 2008

Doll Night and baby ferret Jenny!!!

Doll Night will be quick tonight - just a few pose dolls - maybe two? - and some other 1960's dolls. Total of six dolls (so sad - sorry). I've got lots of other things more important I need to do tonight plus I have other items needing to be added to Shop 66.

Earlier today I got a call from my ferrets Veterinarian. One of their staff had just rescued a sweet little girl baby ferret and were looking to see if any of their ferret clients would be interested in adoption. Of course I was interested. And so I found out a little more and after several conversations with the foster ferret mommy, I've agreed to adopt her. She did not have a name -- she's been called Jenny for the week she was rescued and from what I know it suits her. So tomorrow afternoon I will bringing my new baby "Jenny" home. I'm so excited!!! As many of you know, I had to put my dear ferret April to sleep a few months ago -- so this call was a nice surprise for me. I'm sure my ferret family of four right now (Hansel, Gretal, Meiko and Milo) will gladly take her in. I'll post some photos of her tomorrow night!

So, that's whats up with me this afternoon. I did a little relisting in Shop 66 of items I still have available. And I finished almost half of my Shop 66 invoices. I still have another batch to do tonight so if I owe you one it will be in your email soon. You can see a glimpse of them on my desk in the photo above. See you later for Doll Night! 10:00 pm EST. Take care! :)

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