11 September 2008

Pose Dolly Inspiration

Here are a few pose dolly things created by some of my favorite Shop 66 friends!

Pose Doll Bookmarks (dollies from Shop 66!)
by Tiny Bazaar

Little Miss Pretty Face
by Dollface Design

Pose Doll Prints (dollies from Shop 66!)
"The Munch Bunch" and "Diggin the Dog"
by Boopsie Daisy

Pose Dolls (for sale)
@ Olde Frost Farm ~ 1780


boopsiedaisy said...

Oh how lovely! I've been working on some pose doll book plates and bookmarks lately that I'll be introducing to my shop soon. I looove Danielle's bookmarks, they are so beautiful, perfectly color coordinated and also so HER! And Layla's piece rips the breath right from my lungs, and the bottom pic beneath mine is also so charming! Thank you for including me & for just being so all around wonderful to all your friends in general, ALL THE TIME! I love you Gretchie! :)

dollface design said...

awww gretchen, thanks so much for including little miss pretty face amongst all these beauties...i love tiny bazaar and of course i love boopsie pretty much more than i love life itself!!! so i feel like she is in good company...i also love that last pic, i came across it the other day and was totally swooning over the cuteness of how she is set up in a tiny kitchen complete with a little baby, EEEK!!! insane cuteness abound and of course you are the ultimate QUEEN of the perfect combination of cuteness & kitsch!!!
thank you!