07 September 2008

Tiny Shop 66 Treasures!

I've just about finished my inventory mission! I'm exhausted. Fortunately, the next few days I will be taking a rest from new inventory and concentrating on shipping and other shop responsibilities.

Tonight I'll be listing a few dolls (I forgot to list a doll last night - forgive me) and many, many tiny Shop 66 treasures. I have lots of "cool random trinkets" I've put together (see photos). I have lots of things planned for Shop 66 at the end of the week! I'm having a wedding celebration sale next weekend - to celebrate my stepson's wedding on the 20th!!! I also receive a box from Japan in the next few days! It's filled with all sorts of goodies!!

Hope your Sunday was nice!! oxoxox g.

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CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Let me know about next month...