08 September 2008

Welcome New Dolly!

Lately, my spending has been 98% for Shop 66 so it was nice to get a dolly in the mail today! Welcome new dolly (the new doll is the one in the center)!

I'm adding things to Shop 66 almost daily now so make sure you visit often. The next few days I will be concentrating on shipping but I will also be creating some new rings and other things. Look for those to arrive by Thursday night!

I feel a little boring lately because I'm so absorbed in Shop 66. Fortunately, I get a break next week as I'll be headed to New York for Erik's (my stepson) wedding! Yeah! :)


Folksie Linda said...

oh that will be great to go to New York and have a good time at the wedding!!

Folksie Linda said...

PS Your dolly is adorable..good for you...a treat..you deserve it!