31 October 2008

Flicker Friend Photos: Halloween Treat 2

Cupcake Cuties
Originally uploaded by boopsie.daisy
I was left speechless when I found these pose doll cupcake toppers "Cupcake Cuties" created by the fabulous Boopsie Daisy!!! They are so fantastic! Finding this picture was the highlight of my evening! (Honestly.) Missy you're so amazing! xoxo

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boopsiedaisy said...

Gretchen, honestly, not it's YOU who's left ME speechless! I just took the liberty of adding this photo to your shop66 appreciation pic fan group over at flickr. After all, I couldn't really have created these toppers had I not been able to buy such beautiful & inspiring dolls from shop66! I am so flattered/floored that you like them so much, that truly makes my week! xoxox