01 November 2008

Search and Categories on Etsy are Stuck!!!

UPDATE: As of 5:15 am...this situation was fixed ASAP by Etsy Admin (yay! and in the middle of the night!) but please read anyway so you're aware of the situation: Search and Categories on Etsy are Stuck!!! Make sure you visit here, my shop and flickr to see if I've added additions and my favorite shops too. The Etsy search tool is not working tonight and it's apparently not a new problem. I know they are trying to resolve it but it seems to really not be working - it's "stuck". Normally, you can type in "shop66" and all my shop items will show up. This evening, none of my new additions are appearing...anywhere - not even when browsing. Sooooo, please make sure you frequent your favorite shops in other ways, besides browsing and using search, these coming weeks until it's resolved. Below are some of tonight's additions.

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