22 October 2008

Recent Finds

Here's just a few of the things I spurged on this past week!

Super Cute Pixie Girl Ornaments (found on Ebay)

Little Mini Dishes (found on Etsy: Estate Sale Treasures) Puppet Storybooks (found on Ebay). Puss in Boots is hard to find!! I'm so excited!
Hillbilly Guitar Playin' Clown (from Reyney). And a surprise for someone...
Little Flocked Animal Charms (found on Etsy: Evol Pixies Supply)

Watch for new items to hit Shop 66 later tonight and throughout the rest of the week including new handmade Shop 66 rings!! Yay!


Niella said...

what sweet lil' treasures you have!

too cute:)

Renee said...

The pixies aree awesome!

Thanks for the shout out!