23 October 2008

Still Sick

I've been in bed all day. If you've followed my blog for since last February, you would know about the health issue I've been dealing with (endometriosis). Three weeks ago my treatment for the illness changed and I'm feeling the difference now. Soooooo, as soon as I adjust to the new regiment of medication and treatment, I'm hoping to bounce back to normal activity. In the meantime, my #1 priority is to take care of myself. Visit me tomorrow, as I'm hoping to be feeling better and adding new things to the shop!! xoxo G.


adelesspookyart said...

Sending Some "Get Well Hugs" Your Way...Hope your feeling better soon....liz

boopsiedaisy said...

Oh Honey, endometriosis? I didn't know! No wonder it's a constant battle of ups & downs for you, I've heard how much havoc that wreaks on a woman's system! :(

So glad to learn with your brand new blog post that you're back on your feet already, babe! And creating up a storm again... hooray! Love you, dear! xox

Renee said...

Get welll soooooon!