07 November 2008

Coming Soon!!

Good Friday evening! Once again, I'm recovering from a chronic illness flare-up and almost ready to start adding new items to Shop 66! You see, now that Shop 66 is so busy I have to hold off on additions if I feel I can't keep up with it. Ideally, it would be nice to have an assistant but as time goes on I realize that Shop 66 works best by it being a solo effort - it also represents the DIY (do-it-yoursel) roots of my artistic, creative being. Below are things coming soon! :)

Christmas tags and other items featuring vintage cute girl graphics.
Cute vintage Japan ornaments.

Cartons of play food!
Cool vintage cake toppers!
Vintage doll faces!
And there's lots and lots more surprises coming! Wish me well - keep me in your thoughts. This year has been a super hard one for me health wise and I'm still not stable. But I'm so thankful I have Shop 66 and all my shop friends and family! Shop 66 gives me hope, smiles and purpose! :)

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