05 November 2008

In Celebration!!

I'm up late celebrating this historic day/moment (President Obama! Yay!)!! So I did a little Etsy vintage shopping to celebrate!! (I think I found two things that represent how I feel!)

(Pixie is from: ghirigori; Holiday Fair Majorette is from: trunkofprettys)


Folksie Linda said...

Great find Gretchen...love the majorette doll..she is wonderful...what a face..you got lucky..she looks minty mint!

Sugar Lemon Sweetheart said...

She has an identical twin here in NZ!
We have our election voting tomorrow.. not as exciting stuff as the US race but im nervous all the same to see who will run our tiny nation As of tommorrow :)

Renee said...

I love the majorette too! Hope you're feeling a wee bit better!