27 December 2008

Mysterious Kidgets Pose Dolls

A year ago, almost to the day, I received my first "Kidgets" style pose doll - Red Riding Hood. She is quite unusual and marvelous so I was very happy to find two more Kidgets on Ebay - Little Bo Peep and Tip Toes. They are very well made and short with big felt feet. I anticipate the arrival of my new dolls - especially since they are in their original packaging (let's hope mold did not get inside). All my Kidgets have their tags - they were made by Calverta of Japan in the 1960's. That is all I know and so far these are the only three styles I've found.


Folksie Linda said...

Wow they are adorable..what a lucky find...i just love anything with story book history!

gmoss said...

They are unusual. I do see Red Riding Hood from time to time but never these two. Now that I've found more styles I'm wishing I can find more.