28 December 2008

The Shop Cabinet

For weeks I had hoped to transform my antique danish cabinet into a "Shop 66" cabinet. Today, I made some progress. About 50% of the cabinet is shop things, the other 50% is still personal things. The majority of my "stuff" has to be either in cabinets, drawers or containers to be ferret PROOF. Ferrets are thieves - that is what a ferret does - it's a hobby and a past time - so by habit I pile things on top of things away from ferret view. It's been more than stressful to handle hundreds and hundreds of Shop 66 things each month and deal with my five fuzzy thieves. So this cabinet with it's glass doors is just part of my solution.


Pink Panthere said...

I like to change things myself too :)
most time i am juts painting walls and do some staff with different material :)

Folksie Linda said...

That makes me giggle everytime i think of those cute little ferrets stealing things and hiding them..too too cute!