08 January 2009

16 Things About Me

16 Things About Me
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I was "tagged" by the White Rabbit. So here it is... 16 things about me:

1. Once I had a blankie called my “ann-gee blanket” covered with Raggedy Ann and Andy.
2. Once I broke my right wrist roller skating in the early morning when I was 13. Now my right forearm is shorter than my left.
3. Once I had a river eel named Clive. My husband gave him to me as a gift the first week we were married.
4. Once I had a vintage Cadillac hearse “flower car” – people would yell out “Ghostbusters” when we would drive by.
5. Once I had an art studio in the basement of a building that was a former nun’s dormitory.
6. Once I preferred to wear only overalls with patches and appliqué, blue rubber boots and a sailor hat with a mouse on top. I was 4.
7. Once I bought a giant plush Gumby at a thrift store and walked a mile to get it home.
8. Once I wore a pink bunny suit and sang “If I was a Butterfly” and changed the Scene/Act cards in my family’s Christian puppet show company. I was 6.
9. Once I saw Saturn’s rings through the big telescope at Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles.
10. Once I found a vintage dress form/mannequin on the side of the road during a storm. Later my husband drove back to get it.
11. Once I got so sick at work, my coworkers called 911. It was my first kidney stone experience (of many).
12. Once I had a giant water monitor lizard (similar to a komodo dragon but legal and not dangerous) named Morrison. She’ now lives in Florida on a reptile ranch.
13. Once I saved my pennies to buy a cuckoo clock. I was 7. I still have the cuckoo clock.
14. Once I bought 100 vintage shoes for $1.00/piece from a famous old costume/dance shop that liquidated its old stock downtown Pasadena.
15. Once I got all my classmates to leave the classroom to boycott our teacher for being too mean and crazy. I was 11.
16. More than once I’ve dreamed something and it came true.


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