07 January 2009

This Box is Cool

This Box is Cool
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Imagine living with five ferrets in a house like mine - filled with a huge doll collection (in danger of ferret fangs) and Shop 66 inventory, among other things. This is my world.

No matter what, 2x daily my ferrets frolic for an hour or two. Of course, they are banished from the Doll Room and a few other rooms, but they are allowed around my central shipping area - currently my living room. They love boxes.

This is kooky, comical Gretel experiencing a box. Ferrets will smell, touch, and/or taste anything of interest. Anything they can get into they will. Gretel had to be rescued several times as a kit due to her experiencing things (ie. a plastic jug).

I'm taking the evening off. Today I'm not feeling 100% well so I'm resting so I can get back to work tomorrow. See you later!! xoxo

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Vintage Mafia said...

Hope you soon feel as happy as your ferret :-)