26 February 2009

Doll Room Party!

It's a Doll Room party! Welcome new found dolls and plush! AND welcome fresh out of storage dolls and plush...many of these poor babies needed some fresh air (and to join their buddies in the doll room).

If you couldn't tell already - I collect more than just dolls, I collect vintage plush (and lots of other things...). I'm equally as crazy for it. I especially love cute, quirky looking animals. Naturally, I prefer animals designed and made in Japan from 1960's - they're are the best - but I also have lots of other vintage plush - some handmade, some mechanical and some new (like my treasured Steiff).

I seems like I always find vintage plush in groups or families. I find them on ebay, at thrift stores and junk shops, church rummage sales, garage sales and some times friends and family just give them to me. Of course, all my extras can be found in Shop 66. If I kept every cute plush animal or doll I find, my doll room space would be gone.

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