24 February 2009

I'm not counting anymore...seriously.

Being the youngest kid in my family and usually the youngest of my circle of friends, I always wanted to be older. I loved having a birthday because it was cool to be a year older. Now, after all these years I'm finally over it. (It only took decades.) So I'm done with it. I'm officially not counting the years anymore.

Why count anyway? Because I'm really many ages -- parts of me are still super young and naive and other parts of me, due to lots of life experiences, are way, way older and smarter. So this day, my birthday, is now about reflection -- and satisfaction -- because I'm still me, not a number, after all these years.


Elsita :) said...

Yay Gretchen!!!!
Happy Birthday!!
I hope that you had a great day!
Love your pictures!
Elsita :)

teri c said...

Happy Birthday! Kudos for the not counting :)

bita said...

Happy birthday gretchen:O)
You are so beautiful!!!!!!

Lisa said...

I love your pictures!

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Sorry it's a bit late - but happy birthday!!!
Yes, the numbers get scary, but we know they don't mean anything...
Beautiful photos - at every age!

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Gretchen, I loved seeing the picture of you... you are truly beautiful!! What a lovely picture of you! You certainly don't look your age at all! Such a pretty woman!

the enchanted pumpkin said...