17 March 2009

Sweet Squeaks, Plastic Pins and a St. Patty's Day Dolly Party

After days of rainy days, we finally had some sunshine. Just in time for a little St. Patrick's Day dolly party. Wowee! Spring has really sprung...not only did I get attacked by aphids and gnats, I saw my first tiny lizard of the season soaking up some sunshine. (I'm hoping to see our the tree frogs on the windows soon.)
I also found the box of squeak toys I've been searching for weeks. Naturally, the box was right in front of me all this time. The box had my favorite little vintage Japan bear squeaker. Many of the other squeaks will shared in Shop 66.

All this squeak hunting was party due to my newest "Sticker Project" set "Super Squeaks" - they will appear in Shop 66 tomorrow afternoon. I also created several plastic laminate pins - packaged as "I love vintage" featuring some of my sticker project favorite animals and dolls. They too will arrive in the shop tomorrow.

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