10 May 2009

Simply "Kitsch-tastic"!!!

I created this mosaic of all the current Kitsch-tastic stickers/magnets styles that are available (all stickers except for those noted):
Row 1: Super Squeaks; Cute Pose Dollies; Doll of the Day; Nautical Playset
Row 2: Kewpies; Gnomes/Leprechauns magnets; Deer and Fawns; Cute Dollies magnets
Row 3: Deluxe; Cute Pose Dollies II; Cute Vintage Dolls II; Animals magnets
Row 4: Animals II; Gnomes/Leprechauns; Animals; Bunny Rabbits

I improved two of the styles this weekend - Super Squeaks and Bunny Rabbits. Super Squeaks gained a "fierce lion" and lost the cute puppy. Bunny Rabbits are almost all changed to super kitschy, cute bunnies rather than Easter bunnies.

Watch for vinyl decals and other items very soon!

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