27 June 2009

Melancholy Summer Days = Hiding Out in the Doll Room

Summer brings on melancholy days for me (still). It tends to make me long for the days when my family was whole and happy. As time goes on and new memories are created, it will slowly fade away, but for now they're still around and so I cope any way I can. My Doll Room helps many days and so I spend more time in there. I'm also hoping it helps aide me in revisiting drawing and painting. I've put it off far to long. Though my head is filled with ideas and visions, the process is yet to come out. For me the hardest part. (Guess it's time to use old tricks.) In the meantime, expect my Shop Blog to chronicle my ups and downs throughout the summer.

1 comment:

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Oh Gretchen, sorry to hear you're feeling blue. I'm glad the doll room helps - it always looks like such a wonderful room. But keep concentrating on creating those new memories. Don't shut yourself away too much!