25 June 2009

Strange Day(s)

The past few days have been strange, to say the least... first my State's Governor, admitted to disappearing on a trip to see his secret love, then today, Farrah passed away after a long battle with cancer, and finally, Michael Jackson died suddenly! Crazy news day. In the midst of this, I've been working hard on cleaning up the doll room, ferret/art room, and my work space - it needs a good summer time fresh start. But I'm very tired and fatigued, it's hot and humid and everyone around me is grouchy and cranky (ie. my ferrets). Why do I even bring up this up? Because I posted some fabulous things on flickr earlier today (like that cute bear above), and they are yet to arrive in the Shop. So sorry. I promise you will see them tomorrow, along with some other fun things. In the meantime, I'm watching some great Fellini movies on TCM (ie. Juliet of the Spirits), curled up with my favorite blanket and some coffee ice cream. (Tomorrow is another day!)

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