29 July 2009

5 years

5 years ago today my heart was ripped in half. My beloved husband, Don, was ripped out of my life in an instant. He was killed in a concrete construction accident. It was the worse day of my life. A day I will never forget. My heart still aches all the time. But I have grown, moved forward and lived life close to how we imagined it when he was alive.

Though he's still on my mind every day, it's in a positive way. I think: Don would have loved this... Don would be so happy... what would Don think?... etc. I do still catch my self signing sadly and saying "I miss my husband!!" all the time but slowly as time goes on it hurts less and less and not as often.

The song "5 years" by David Bowie has been playing over and over in my head the past week. I thought I'd share:

Everyone still misses you dearest Don!! We talk about you all the time. You marked so many of our lives. Your impact made many of us better people. Our love for you will never die!! RIP Donald F. Moss 8/4/1963 - 7/29/2004

ON ANOTHER NOTE, SAME SUBJECT: Sadly, my dear Aunt Joyce (my Mom's sister) died yesterday. She was declining for some time and was elderly but it's still shocking and sad. RIP Aunt Joyce.

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kitschicat said...

What a tragic loss. :( I am so sorry for your loss and how it happened. However, I admire your strength and resolve to keep on, and to find your happy even though you miss him dearly. Good for you!