29 August 2009

Pretty Pretties: Favorite Jewelry

Today I share with you my "pretty pretties" or favorite jewelry. Above is my drawer of all vintage brooches. Includes owls, birds, butterflies, flowers, a cuckoo clock, wood cat, poodle, and fawn. There's also a puffer fish and little chenille/pipe cleaner man on a swing. I love them all.

Here is a vintage puffy and chunky pewter owl pendant.

Next to the owl is a very cool wood and metal vintage Danish modern necklace. The arty bracelet cuff has to be my favorite thing here. Handmade by an artist (and school teacher) from West Virginia; I purchased an art fair two years ago.

This charm necklace was designed by a local antique dealer. She loves to create necklaces with all the charms she finds while hunting for things for her shop. I wear it all the time.

And here's just a quick snapshot of my bedroom vanity table. If you look carefully you can see an antique Tansu chest in the mirror and my boyfriend's side of the room that's a little messy. :)

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sez said...

those brooches are amazing! i can't even believe some of them exist heheh :D