29 August 2009

Show & Tell: The Dog Walker Dolly

Today I share with you a special kind of vintage Japan pose doll, the "Dog Walker". A classic style that is a favorite of pose doll collectors. Each dog walker pose doll features a cute little puppy dog companion, with chain leash, ready for a walk. Dog Walker dolls come in all sorts of styles and have been around a long time. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds - most are chenille. And sometimes they are not dogs at all but other animals like cats and bunnies.

A Classic Dog Walker. The most common style.

A Sweetheart Dog Walker.

A "Leslie & Fifi" Dog Walker. Below is the box cover with fantastic graphics.

Another "Leslie & Fifi" Dog Walker.

A whimsical big eye/big head style Dog Walker doll. Her dog has big ears or could be a bunny rabbit.

A premium, upscale Dog Walker. All details are an upgrade from a classic style pose doll dog walker. Note her real fur dog.

A Handmade Dog Walker by The Poppy Tree.

As mentioned before, dog walkers have been around for a while. Here is a 1955 catalog I have in my collection that has several dog walker style dolls inside.

Here is the shelf I keep some of my dog walkers.

And last, here is Rosie, one of my favorite dolls in my collection. Not only is she a fantastic rare style, she's also a unique dog walker - her puppy dog is in her arms!

See more Dog Walker Pose Dolls at my NEW Flickr Group:
Let's Walk the Dog, Dolly!


Renee said...

You know I love them! I swear I had the Dog Walker group idea myself, only a few days ago!

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

This so interesting! I'd love to read more about different types of pose doll. You have such a vast collection and so much knowledge. Thanks for sharing!