18 August 2009

Show & Tell: Random Vintage Dolls

I'm making so much progress with my reorganization!! The random dolls above were packed away in a shoebox when I moved 3 years ago and somehow they got placed in a non-doll box.

This doll was acquired at a neighbor's garage sale about 10 or 12 years ago. The young lady that owned her explained to me who she was but now I can't remember? Maybe because she is from the 1950's and it's not a decade I collect many dolls from.

After posting her on flickr and asking for help on identification, it looks like she is a Suzette doll. Similar to a Little Miss Revlon. If you can tell me anything more about her please comment on this flickr post: Brunette Suzette.

Here are two loved Nancy Ann dolls. Both were my Mom's so they are extra special. She had many and there was 3 or 4 I really fell in love with when I was little. These are the two I inherited. The other two I loved and wished for I found on Ebay. Here is a link to a photo on flickr (seen on my messy desktop): Other Nancy Anns.

This fantastic set of nesting dolls are not vintage but still fantastic. They were a gift to my daughter or me by my Mom. They are unmarked. I love their color palette.

Here is "Private Ida" a "Go-Go's" doll by Topper Toys from the mid 1960's. She's in great condition but missing her private eye brief/suitcase. She was also acquired at the same garage sale as Suzette.

This is the best organizing I've accomplished in 2+ years (or before Shop 66). I've really found some treasures while revisting my own personal mementos (as I've shared all week with you). And though I feel you've all been ignored for a week or so... via my terrible Shop 66 neglect... it's all in an effort to get Shop 66 ready for the Fall and Holidays! I want to be able to create lots of new things while feeling unstressed by the organization it requires to list vintage things in the Shop.

And now I leave you with a snapshot of my bi-weekly Shop 66 goody bag assembling. Sometimes I wonder how many I've created? It has to be a least 1,000?

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