17 August 2009

Old Family Photos

Today I share with you some old family photos! Very old family photos of my Mom's parents, my Grandfather Henry and Grandmother Eunice. Enjoy!!

Henry & Eunice at Chesapeake Bay, Maryland; about 1924.

Eunice in Utah; circa 1920's.

Henry Ashcroft II, age 12. Fielding, Utah.

Eunice Georgiana Randle, age 7. Maryland 1907.

Here is my Mom, 1962; Age 22. (Four years before I was born.)

And here is my Mom today! Taken last year, the weekend of her wedding to wonderful Jack.

That's all for today! I've got lots to do. More inventory sorting and lots and lots of shipping!! Once it's all completed I can add new items to the shop. Yay!

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