15 August 2009

Time to Clean-up the Studio/Work/Ferret Room!!

I'm in the middle of a not-so-fun HUGE project... one I have to finish over the weekend. You see, it was time for my bi-annual super clean-up of my studio /work /ferret room. I'm organizing, purging, sorting, cleaning, etc. the whole room! Lots of work.

My main objective was to clean but I also desperately needed to sort through Shop 66 inventory. The vintage listings have lagged this month... partly because I've been avoiding even going in that room to pull anything out. lol. And so far I've found some FANTASTIC stuff for the Shop. (Who would have thought?) Yay!!! I'm so excited to start sharing. Look for the new listings to start arriving Monday afternoon.

Now I'm too tired to finish the OTHER side of the room (above). That is tomorrow's mission. It's the serious not-so-fun side. Super scrub of the ferret cage, carpet/window cleaning and then finally sorting through inventory (well, that's the fun part... like a reward at the end.)

Half of the above ferret toy bin was stashed all over the room and closet. Silly ferrets!

My last thing to share is the above new friends!! Arrived in the mail today. Both finds from Posh Totty Designz.

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