16 August 2009

"Buttons" the Doll

Today I share with you "Buttons" the doll. A very vintage, kitschy cute cloth doll from the 1940's with buttons eyes and nose.

Buttons is a doll I know very well. She was a doll I grew up with in my childhood because she was a treasured doll from my Mom's childhood. I do believe that my/our Buttons doll still exists... I sure my Mom still has her displayed or tucked away somewhere... but I'm not sure. My (this) Buttons doll was found by accident on Ebay a year or so ago. I discovered her when searching and hunting through vintage cloth dolls on Ebay. I was lucky, there was no competition for her and so she was under $25.00 USD (they say she's really worth $150.00 USD).

I was not sure about her origins so I was more than happy to discover the following information when she arrived. Here's what it says:

16" "Buttons", the advertising doll for Dan River sheets and made by Inez Holland House. This ad/photo is from the December issue of "American Home Magazine" of 1947. She has black yarn braids, large black button eyes, blue button nose on a mask face of fabric. The dolls do not have the cross stitches shown in the center seam. All cloth, flesh colored body and limbs. Came in a checkered dress, as well as a striped dress.

My Buttons has the gingham/checkered dress but my Mom's had a cute striped dress, and frankly, she is way cuter. (Mom, please send me a photo if you can!)

(PS... my ferret Milo does not like her so daily she's knocked over, face down on the floor. lol.)

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Donna said...

Have you seen the movie Coraline 8-)

I wouldn't have thought a doll with button eyes could be so cute, what a nice find!