09 September 2009

Dolls 4 Sale!!

This is a super hard thing for me to do but it's time to part with a few dolls again!! Tonight these few cuties will be available for adoption. (They all need good homes.) Please contact me if you are interested!

Susie Sad Eyes Clone - Mint in Package (Rare) -SOLD-

"Sisters" Pose Dolls -SOLD-

Private Ida (with stand) -SOLD-

Kitschy Mouse. Made in Japan. $9.00

Kooky Doll Vase $10.00

Little Cloth Doll $9.00

Funny Turtle Doll. Made in Japan; "Fancy Pet". $8.50


Anonymous said...

Hi...I love your turtle doll but I'm still in the process of setting up my paypal account..I'm in Canada...will you take a check?
You can contact me at www.loftylegacys.com..Thanks Tamara

Anonymous said...

Hi...I'm wondering if your sweet turtle is still available...I'm new to all this and I'm hoping to have my paypal set up in the next few days...my e-mail is on my website www.loftylegacys.com...or I can send a check...cheers Tamara