10 September 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a favorite character in my doll collection and is for many collectors. Not only is she the star of one of the most famous folk tales, she is sweet, kind, girly, innocent and wears a super cute red cape! She's really a super-heroine to girls of all ages. Here are some of the Little Red Riding Hood's in my collection.

A vintage "Moppet" Red Riding Hood by Sarco, Japan.

A vintage "Kidgets" Red Riding Hood by Calverts, Japan.

A handmade Red Riding Hood doll by Boopsie Daisy.

A handmade Red Riding Hood by Elsita.

An Italian "Lenci" felt Red Riding Hood.

A vintage plastic/celluloid little Red Riding Hood-like doll.

A vintage, handmade with corn husks Red Riding Hood.

A vintage 3-D postcard of Little Red Riding Hood. Made in Japan.

Little Red Riding Hood vintage Puppet Storybooks! I have three - one is a pop-up.

A cute vintage wood Red Riding Hood box (with tiny wolf!).

A Little Red Riding Hood Cup by Otogicco.

A vintage "Peepul Pal" Red Riding Hood and book. By Whitman.

Cute vintage illustration of Red Riding Hood. On a vintage Japan crayon box.

A felt applique of Red Riding Hood. From Japan.

Find more Little Red Riding Hood things here:
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Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

I love seeing these themed collections! Great stuff!

N. Rosa said...

Puppet storybooks, is that what they're called? I remember I had one, "Sleeping Beauty", they all had those round blue eyes like Red has on the cover of your book. It was my favorite book as a child.