02 September 2009

Handmade Plush Owls

Today I share with you my collection of handmade plush owls! There are fabulous, adorable plush owls out there in the world and I'm lucky enough to have a little collection of them. Below I've grouped them so you can see them better and know who created them (with links to the all their shops - if known).

Penelope (striped wings/legs) is by Morning Lori. The Little Brown Owl (a brooch/pin) is by Lesley Anne Green. The Crochet Owl - origin unknown.

Petite Woolen Owl with Polka Dot Wings is by Chet and Dot. Huey the Owl is by Leafty. Cocoa Hoot Owl is by Fantastic Toys. The tiny owl - origin unknown.

Penny Night Owl (yellow) is by Rabbits Moon. Mr. Owly Owl (with polka dot tummy) is by Marmee Craft. Tiny Snowy Owl is by Blossom Hill Cottons. Grayson (the Green Owl) is by Lauren Smash Toys.

The Owl Pillow is by Blue Thimble. Little Felt Owl is by Tiny Warbler. Trio of Owl Stuffies is by Craftpaca.

Here's another group shop. And oops! I forgot to take a small group shot of one owl - the top white owl in this shot. He is "Edgar Owl" by Plants & Animals.

And finally, here is the cabinet that the owls live in. Way up high in this big cabinet - the very top shelf - is a basket of all the owls - kind of like living in a tree!

Find more handmade owls on Etsy: Owls!!
And on Artfire: Owls!!!
And Owls things in my Shop: Shop 66 Owls


sez said...

oooh what a very special collection :) did you know that a group of owls is called a 'parliament'? ;) so what a very fine distinguished parliament of owls you have there :)

Viv said...

Aw... you have the cutest owls!