01 September 2009

Hooray for Hearing!!

Just saw this email my Mom sent out to everyone she knows - it says:

"...I am so very excited that I wanted to tell the WHOLE WORLD that today...this very wonderful day...this special day.....I....got hooked up for sound!!!!!!!! That is right....I now am hooked up to my cochlear implant!!!!!!!!!! Zounds!!!! Sounds!!!!! Whoopee!!!!! Now keep in mind that this is just my first day....and...I'm hearing stuff that sounds exactly like I am on the "mother ship" in Star Wars. That Robot Guy is trying to talk to me & he is all squeals. ecks, static, all weird, strange........far out!!!!!!!!! However, that is how it will be for awhile. My audiologist said that it is that way for newborn babies & I'm a "newborn"...talk about being "born again"!!!!!!!!!!"

As you can see by all her exclamation points she is very excited. :)

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