13 December 2009

But I still love Chickens!

I have a confession! I've been having a bit of a problem for the past few weeks. And it has a name... it's called "shingles"!! Yes, dreaded shingles. (But do not worry, it's not serious; it's just interfering a little with life, Shop 66 work, Christmas, etc.) I'll be back to normal productivity soon. You see this all started with me having severe chicken pox in my late teens. All because I kissed a strange boy at a party with pox. The chicken pox I had was truly horrible. Every inch of me, inside and out, had chicken pox. It was about 3 weeks of torture. And because of my age and the pox severity, the virus still exists in my spine today and has been resurfacing slowly every few years with mild outbreaks of shingles. Not so fun. :( But I'm hoping this time it will go away for good. I'm crossing my fingers!!

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